Customer Experience Design

The customer experience must be omni-channel and ubiquitous; website, digital, mobile, social, advertising, trade show, signage, and in-store with each interaction building upon the previous by complementing, reinforcing and increasing brand affinity.


AVB Marketing is a strategic business partner with a narrow focus and a broad reach: to help good companies achieve meaningful, sustainable growth. AVB Marketing brings the experience, commitment, integrity and integrated resources to assure success. What makes us unique is our focus on you. Before we ever ask to meet you, we study your company, its products and services, and its place in the market. Before we ever recommend a tactic, we construct a strategy. We understand how the consumer has evolved and how you can reach them effectively. Our unique process focuses on the culture and legacy of your business and how your brand message and strategies flow from corporate through sales to the consumer and every critical step in between.


With an eye on everything from sales process to supply chain management, we don’t just offer a tag line or a campaign idea: we embrace the totality of a business and look for every opportunity to drive growth. When it comes to executing the tactics needed to bring a strategy to life, AVB Marketing excels at complete integration of brand values across all forms of media on both the B2B and the B2C aspects of a business.