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2020 was a year of learning for us! One of the most important things we gleaned, was the importance of getting like members together in a smaller groups to help each other through networking and thought sharing.

We are excited to launch specialized video conference calls for Home Furnishings across the nation. This program will kick off at Summit 2021 with a Home Furnishings track of education and peer networking.

Summer 2021, we will be hosting Furniture Technology Source break out meetings at our regional meetings. In addition, we will host Furniture Technology Source video conference calls throughout the year to facilitate the opportunity for our members to have fruitful discussions and share.

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Service is a very important part of many of your businesses – we want you to focus on it! Last year we launched the Service Committee, a grouping of members and AVB team members coming together to find a way to help our members focus on this part of their business.

From that, the Service Playbook was born and ideas shared. Starting now, we are building on the momentum of the Service Committee and expanding their network reach to help you be more profitable and discuss how to uniquely market service in today’s digital world.

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