Convert More Customers with Video Ads

Send out quality video content that will connect with your audience. 

Video Mock Up


1 Campaign / 9 Videos

2 Facebook Videos

Facebook mobile video ad

2 Instagram Videos

Instagram mobile video ad

2 YouTube Videos

Youtube mobile video ad

2 TV/OTT Videos

hulu ad

1 Website Banner

website video ad

How does it work?

Each month, you’ll select 1 or 2 campaigns: Appliance Co-Opable Video Ads, CE Taggable Video Ads, Appliance, Mattress, Home Furnishings, Promotional Video Ads, or Brand Image/Evergreen Campaigns. 

All of the videos are customized for your business, which means we use your logo and branding. In every video, we use high-quality lifestyle imagery.  Every month fresh new videos and campaigns are added to the video content library so you have more choices. All you have to do is select your videos 30 days ahead of the month you want to run them to allow for production time.



93% of brands acquire new customers with video on social media


75% of online consumers will trust content that is delivered to them visually


90% of consumers say video content has influenced their purchasing decision

Video content plays an important role in the consumer journey – influencing brand discovery, consideration, and purchasing decisions. This is a medium that has the potential to dramatically change the way your brand engages with your consumers online. There’s no denying video is the future of digital advertising.


$750 per Month

1 Campaign each Month / 9 Videos

2 Facebook

2 Instagram

2 YouTube


1 Website Banner

billed monthly/6-month commitment

*pricing excludes ad spend

$1,000 per Month

2 Campaigns each Month / 18 Videos

4 Facebook

4 Instagram

4 YouTube


2 Website Banner

billed monthly/6-month commitment

*pricing excludes ad spend

That’s 35% savings!

Take an additional 20% off for 12-month commitment

AVBM Video Package Program

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