Search Engine Optimization

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can help increase online visibility of your business, and get you more free traffic from search engines. With close monitoring and constant optimization, our team can help your business show up organically for more potential customer online searches, and outrank the local competition when users are on the hunt for what you sell.

Why is SEO Important?

SEO is a reliable, efficient, and profitable way to bring prospective buyers to your website. As you continue launching new pieces of valuable content from your website, search engines like Google or Bing use algorithms to then rank your website compared to your competitors. New content is continually added to your site, and our team of SEO experts know how to keep it fresh and optimized for Google’s ever-changing algortithm. The requirements to be visible and successful as an online retailer are always updating as Google tries to provide users wiitha better search experience.Using AVB for your SEO is the best choice. Our SEO plan can integrate with Digital Marketing efforts through AVB. Additionally, we control the platform so we can be ahead of all technical aspects and changes to your site. Here at AVB, it’s all about the members!

Average Increase in Sessions to Location Pages**


*after first 3 months

Average Keyword Growth to Category Pages**


*after first 6 months

Average Increase in New Users to Location Pages**


*after first 3 months

Average Keyword Growth to Blogs**


*after first 6 months

Average Domain Authority**


*after first 6 months

Average Increase in Sessions to Blogs**


*after first 6 months

What are we solving for?

Technical SEO

Can a search engine explore your site?

Is it clear which pages the search engine should index and return?

Does your site adapt for mobile users?

Fast page load times are a crucial factor in keeping your visitors happy.

Are you using search engine-friendly tech or CMS for your website?

How is your content structured on your website?

Off-Page SEO

Are there trustworthy links from trusted sources when applicable? Are toxic links removed?

Guest Bloggers
Do relevant spurces contribute to content?

Search Appearance
Does your site appear trustworthy on the SERP?

Keep a consistent brand across platforms and be recognizable.

Manage reviews from multiple sources.

On-Page SEO

Understand the language of your target audience.

URL Structure
Ensure each URL is simple and descriptive.

Page Titles
Use keywords naturally within the page title.

Meta Descriptions
Craft meta descriptions like they were ad copy to drive clicks.

Fully unique content that focuses on primary keywords.

Good UX
Ensure your site is a joy to use and navigate.

Local SEO

Local Listing Management
Local information is synced & consistent across all local listings.

Local Content
Content is local to relevant markets. Consistent posts to GMB per location.

Local Structured Data
Local schemas utilized to improve rich result chances and overall SERP appearance.

Location Pages
Location pages are optimized and shoppable.

Competitive Analysis & Benchmarking

Overall traffic and organic metrics to your website.

Local strategy performance and how it is impacting business.

Keyword growth, performance, and potential.

How do you stack up to top competitors?

How is content performing? How is it impacting business?

What Does AVB Marketing do for SEO?

The ALTA platform is already the best website platform within the industry. AVB Marketing offers different level SEO packages to our members. From technical aspects, to customized blog content, to Google My Business management – AVB has you covered.

SEO Premiere Local


Includes Basic Alta Features & Enhanced Local PLUS:

Premium Performance Analysis**
(On-page, GMB, keyword, competitive intelligence)

GMB Optimization & Management

Local Listing Management
(All locations)

Fully Custom Content Strategy
(Blog content and on-page category content)

SEO Audits
(Local, Technical/Off-page, on-page)

Keyword Demand Mapping Vertical Buying Guides & How-To’s

On-Page Improvements
(Meta, headers, title tags, etc)

Structured Data
(Local business, recipe, FAQ, How-To, Q&A)


*min. 6 month commitment

SEO Enhanced Local


Includes Basic Alta Features PLUS:

Standard Reporting**
(On-page and GMB)

GMB Optimization & Management

Local Listing Management
(up to 5 locations)

Thought Leadership Content Strategy
(On-page category content)

Monthly Strategy Call
(1 hour)

SEO Audits


*min. 6 month commitment

Included ALTA Features


Website Speed

Structured Data

Google Index Management

Enhanced UX

Crawl Management

Proper Web Architecture

Analytics Dashboard**


with an alta website

**aggregate reporting is done on a quarterly basis to review performance over time

Need a custom option? Contact your account executive about a custom package!

Why choose AVB Marketing for SEO?

We Know the Industry

A huge part of a new SEO engagement is them spending months doing keyword research, getting to know your industry, your target consumer, what keywords people respond to, etc. – we already know the nuances of your business and will be able to hit the ground running.

We Control the Platform

Another agency will send a list of changes that may or not be possible depending on technical set up of our site. We know how to optimize and work within our system and we have access to the backend to make these changes.

We Have the Resources

We have teams and tools dedicated to improving your SEO. The ALTA website platform is unique and many 3rd party marketing tools don’t work with it. We know what tools work and what tools don’t to help drive accurate and specific insight into optimizing your website.

We Are Member-Owned and Not-for-Profit

Our KPI is your business success. We’re driven by the stories and hard work of the independent retailers we partner with. We have trust in the future we are building for our members. We love to show you how we’re different than other SEO packages and agencies.

Interested in SEO for your business?

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