Refresh for Less Campaign

Last year, members who ran this program saw 800,000 customers reached, over 10,000 link clicks and hundreds of products added to the shopping carts on their website.  

If you haven’t experimented with Story Ads yet, now is the perfect time. Our team has put together a turn-key program for Appliance & Furniture retailers to get your foot in the door with Story Ads + we have GE and WP co-op approved creative.

Campaign Run Dates – April 15th through April 24th
Don’t miss out, sign up for your campaign by April 2nd. 

What’s Included?

FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM STORIES – 15 second vertical ad targeting your customers with swipe worthy content.

SHOPPABLE LANDING PAGE – inspirational content with value driven shoppable elements turning visitors into customers.

SHOPPABLE BLOG – completing the marketing channel experience.


800k Customers Reached in 2020

Quick Turnaround Getting You Live!
This flight is a simple opt-in process and will have your ad streaming in no time.

Never Ran Instagram Before?
This is a perfect time to experience being one of the first in your industry to leverage this powerful sales tool.

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