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What is Over-The-Top Advertising?

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Over-the-Top, or OTT as we like to call it, is any content delivered over the internet via a connected device; any device from a smart phone, laptop, or even a home theater, as long as its connected to an online streaming platform or app. You can retarget website visitors or select your own custom audiences. 

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What is Connected TV?

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Connected TV (CTV) is the biggest screen in the household, delivering premium TV content through an internet connected device. While it might look similar to regular television programming, CTV opens up a whole new way to experience and stream the shows and movies you love on your own schedule and without a cable contract. Consumers everywhere are cutting the cord to their standard cable companies in favor of a customizable streaming experience. 

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Why AVBM Has the Winning Formula

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We aren’t just media buyers! In addition to fully customized targeting and placements, AVBM offers a full-service in-house production team who can shoot on site, expertly assemble member-provided b-roll footage, create custom animations, or leverage vendor-provided assets. Our team is ready to create videos for OTT if you don’t already have a set of ready-to-use video ads.

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