Change can be tough, especially when it comes to migrating one of your most important marketing tools—your website. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a key factor to account for when trying to choose the perfect website platform and partner. A shift to a better-functioning eCommerce platform with automation tools, enhanced User Experience (UX), and overall improved functionality is a necessary shift in today’s retail landscape. Online sales continue to climb at record rates, and not having the right marketing tool—the right website—is not an option.

Our competition has long rested on their laurels that change can and will impact your SEO (negatively) but that’s not necessarily the case when executed properly. Miskelly’s—one of our larger furniture members—recently made the jump from their previous website provider to AVB Marketing’s ALTA website solution. They made this decision to take their business into the next phase of digital presentation and presence. SEO was one of the primary challenges that came with migrating them from their old website to our platform. But, with our skilled team’s expertise and due diligence, we were able to make this a painless and a positively impactful transition, not negative.


We knew that our team could provide the improved UX for Miskelly’s customers, but we didn’t want any setbacks to organic traffic that had been established with their previous site. To do this, avb marketing developed a customized migration plan that proved to not only maintain the status quo, but to elevate it through skillful 301 redirects, an advanced SEO web platform, improve website speed, and active crawl-budget management.


In some instances, there is a natural dip that comes from migrating sites. In many ways, it is inevitable; however, Miskelly’s proves that site migrations done by the right people, to the right platform can be beneficial. avb marketing’s multifaceted site migration plan improved all areas of organic traffic both year-over-year and pre- and post-launch. 

Improved eCommerce
Conversion Rate by


Improved Number of
Transactions by


Improved Online
Revenue by


We’ll let the numbers speak for themselves. 

From 3 months before launch (end of Q3 2019) to the first 3 months after launch (Q4 2019), avb marketing guided Miskelly’s to:

  Improved Google Organic Clicks by 30% 

  Increased Google Organic Impressions by 40% 

  Improved Average Ranking from 26 to 19   

Looking year-over-year, Miskelly’s saw improvements in Q4 2019 vs Q4 2018:

  Improved Google Organic Click-Through Rate of 163% 

  Improved Google Organic Clicks by 16% 

  Improved Number of Transactions by 154%

  Improved of Average Position from 23 to 19 

  Improved Online Revenue by 255% 

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