Mailchimp Popup Mockup

How to Implement Your Mailchimp Pop-up

If you are designing your own Mailchimp popup, follow these instructions for AVB to implement the pop-up code on your site.

If you would like AVB to design the pop-up for you, please grant AVB Mailchimp access.


Pop-Up Code

Please Note

This is only for members who are using AVB’s website platform. We cannot implement code on a non-AVB website.

Step 1: Design Your Popup

From your Mailchimp navigation menu, click on Audience > Signup Forms > Subscriber popup

screenshot of mailchimp popup navigation

Design your popup any way you like. We recommend you use the preview feature and toggle between desktop and mobile to make sure it looks good on both devices.

Step 2: Get the Popup Code

Once you’re done designing, click “Save & Publish” in the top right corner.

screenshot of mailchimp popup design center

Step 3: Enter Store URL

Put your store URL in the field provided. It must include “https://www….” 

Then click “Get Started.”

screenshot of mailchimp popup setup

Step 4: Copy the Code

Copy the entire code provided and send it to your AE. 

After you’ve sent the code, you can click the small text next to the button that says “I’ll do this later.” 

screenshot of mailchimp popup script


Once we implement the code, your popup will be live immediately. 

However, you can make changes at any time, and when you click “Save & Publish,” the changes will be almost instant. You also have the control to toggle the popup on or off at any time.

If you have an email collection form at the bottom of your website, it is a Magento form and is not connected to your Mailchimp account. Therefore, this also needs to be updated. Please proceed to Step 2 below. 


Footer Code

Step 1: Navigate to Embedded Forms

From your Mailchimp navigation menu, click on Audience > Signup Forms > Embedded forms.

screenshot of mailchimp navigation to embedded forms

Step 2: Change Default Settings

On the left, click “Settings.” Then toggle the “Form Title” off and check the box that says “Disable all Javascript.”

It should look like the below image.

screenshot of mailchimp embedded form settings

Step 3: Retrieve Code

Click the blue button in the upper right-hand corner that says “Continue.”

screenshot of embedded forms section of mailchimp

This will open a new page with the code you need. Click the “Copy” button to copy the code automatically. 

screenshot of mailchimp embedded form code

Paste this code in an email and send it to your AE. 

Good job! AVB will take it from here.