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How to Grant AVB Marketing Facebook Access

For AVB Marketing to run your paid and/or organic social media programs on your behalf, please follow the steps outlined below. 

Part 1: Create Business Manager

What is a Business Manager?

Meta Business Manager is a tool that helps you organize and manage your Facebook business page.

Already have a business manager for your Facebook page? Skip to Part 2.

Before You Begin

  • Make sure you are the page creator/owner. Only the person who created the page can set up the Business Manager initially to be able to grant access to assets such as your page. 
  • Make sure you know your Facebook username and password.

Step 1

Make sure you are logged into your personal Facebook account in your browser. Then, in a new tab, go to Meta Business Manager.

Step 2

Click “Create Account.”

Step 3

Enter the following:

  1. A name for your business
    • This can be the same as your Facebook page, your LLC name, or something similar. 
  2. Your name, and your work email address.

Then, click Next.

Step 4

Enter all your business details. Then click Submit.

Part 2: Grant Partner Access

Step 1

In your Meta Business Manager, go to your Business Settings by clicking on the gear icon in the lower left corner.

Biz Man Login Screen

Step 2

Click on the Partners tab.

Click Partners

Step 3

Click the blue Add button, then the top option: Give a partner access to your assets. 

Click Add

Step 4

Copy and paste AVB’s Partner Business ID:  792762174199638

Click Next.

Enter ID

Step 5

Choose your page as an asset to share. Scroll down and toggle Partial access to the on position. 

If you do not see your page under ‘New Pages Experience,’ click on ‘Classic Pages.’  

If you do not see your page listed in either the new or classic tabs, you are not the original page creator and do not have access to your business page via the Business Manager. Please ask the page creator to follow these steps instead.

Choose Assets 1

Step 6

Click on Ad accounts and select your ad account (if applicable). Toggle Full control to the on position. 

Choose Assets 2

Step 7

Click on Pixels and select your pixel (if applicable). Toggle Full control to the on position. 

Choose Assets 3

Step 8

Once all of your available assets have been selected, click Save changes.

AVB Marketing can now see the assets you assigned to them in Business Manager.

Save Assets

Step 9

IG icon

If you would also like AVB to run paid and/or organic social for your Instagram account, there are additional steps you must follow here.