Content Marketing

Blogging is an inexpensive way for your business to drive traffic to your site, enhance inbound marketing efforts, and attract more prospective customers. The best part? You don’t have to do a thing. AVB Marketing will provide the ghostwriting – we’ll write on the trending topics consumers love, and you get to take the credit for it!

And we’ll do it for as little as $7.50/post!

*Cost breakdown if opting into all 5 categories

*Must be using AVB’s ALTA web platform to take advantage of content marketing services.


You choose up to 5 categories for your business: Appliances, Service, Furniture, Mattresses, and/or Electronics. We’ll write 4 blogs per category per month on your behalf. (That’s up to 20 blogs per month!!) Blogs for those categories will be automatically posted to your website for you.

BONUS: If you are on a social media plan with us, we’ll also post these blogs on Facebook for you to maximize engagement.

Here’s Why a Blog is Crucial for Your Business


Content is Engaging

Consumers are tired of conventional advertising, so you need creative and engaging ways to present your services. A blog achieves that.


Content Positions You As the Expert

Consumers want to buy from experts. A blog can build your reputation as an expert by making you a thought leader in your industry.


Content Builds Trust

Consumers are using the internet to look for answers. Blogs improve the level of trust towards your business by providing the helpful and accurate content they’re looking for.



for up to 20 blogs
(4 blogs per category per month)

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