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What is Charge After?

ChargeAfter offers a cutting-edge fintech solution that connects merchants and lenders to offer consumers personalized financing options from multiple lenders with one application!

With its data-driven decisioning engine and network of global lenders, ChargeAfter delivers the most relevant financing offers to consumers from multiple lenders to drive higher approval rates, increased average order values, and more sales.

It’s All About the Numbers!

Customers who can’t find what they’re looking for are choosing not to wait


Approval Rates


Increased AOV


Increase in Sales

What are we solving for?



No Credit Cards. Less Qualified for Credit.

  • 63% of Millennials and Gen Z’s don’t own credit cards
  • By EOY 2020, 40% of consumers will be Millennial and GenZ
  • Want more control over spend


Increased competition.
Climbing Decline Rates.

  • Incumbent lenders traditionally focus on prime credit and decline 70% of applications
  • Incumbents are slow, use complex applications, and have little to no eCommerce and POS experience


Promotional Financing Single Offer.

  • More Financing Offers. More Approvals
  • Merchants using a single lender are typically restricted to offering a single financing offer, leading to increased abandonments

Seeing it in action! more options. more choices



Multiple Lenders. More Options.

  • Providing more financing options from the industry’s largest network of Prime, Secondary, Tertiary and BNPL lenders
  • Rapidly onboarding and distributing incumbent lenders and fintech lenders to global merchants


Higher Approval Rates.

  • Up to 85% approval rates, and delivery of personalized financing options unique as every shopper
  • Every consumer financing product in a single platform


Increased Revenue.

  • One application. Multiple lenders. More approvals.
  • 52%+ AOV increase
  • 30%+ Increase in site-wide sales

How does it work?

ChargeAfter is a third party multi-lender solution with a waterfall financing system. A consumer can fill out 1 application on a member site and depending on their credit information, it will run through multiple lender offers to give the consumer their best finance options. With more choices, approval rates are higher and consumers get more spending money – which ultimately can increase our members’ average order value (AOV).


leading the pack!

Over one-third of U.S. consumers

have used a consumer financing service

87% of consumers aged 22 to 44

are interested in monthly installment plans

The consumer financing industry has seen a

260%+ growth in financing requests since COVID

Only 33% of consumers

between the ages of 18-29 have credit cards

40% of millennials and 57% of GenXers

have already used financing

U.S. eCommerce growth exceeds

2 year projected growth in just 6 months

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