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Brand Style Guide



Brand Fundamentals

Brand Positioning

We are the top gear that keeps the organization optimized and powered for performance.


The alchemy of our members and employees fuel our winning engine.


Fearless Members + Innovative Resources + Influential Experience = More loft Meta. Machine. work horse?

Point of Difference

The M-FACTOR (Members, MarTech, Merchandising)

— Our integrated, click to brick, business approach that is built for today’s independent retailer.


Our Character reflects how we act. It’s the lens that others see us through, the attitude they interact with and the basis for their experiences.

01 Best in Class

02 Progressive

03 Diverse

04 Simple

05 Courageous

06 Established


Voice & Tone

Our voice is the way we sound to the world, whether deep in conversation or celebrating the moment, we speak with pride and energy.

01 United

02 Genuine

03 Innovative

04 Humble

05 Experienced

06 Dependable



About AVB

We are AVB, a member owned not for profite buying group. AVB is short for Associated Volume Buyers. Formed in 1969 by a small group of appliance and television dealers, the organization now serves thousands of independent retailers in the appliance, electronics, furniture, and mattress categories. As members of AVB and its membership entities, these retailers pool their wholesale buying power. As a result, these retailers receive significant discounts fromnmanufacturers. They can better compete with the corporate “box store” giants like Lowes, Home Depot, or Best Buy. With nearly 4,500 members and over $19 billion in buying power, AVB is North America’s most significant, best-in-class, member-owned merchandising, and marketing organization.



Basically the whole box of crayons to get creative with.

Solids – Primary Palette

color swatches-01
AVB – Black

Hex: #2c2c2c

RGB: 44-44-44

CMYK: 71-62-57-70

Pantone: n/a

color swatches-03
AVB – Off White

Hex: #ecedeb

RGB: 236-237-235

CMYK: 6-4-5-0

Pantone: n/a

color swatch yellows-10
AVB – Gold 

Hex: #b39365

RGB: 179-147-101

CMYK: 30-39-67-4

Pantone: 7562 C


Texture Swatch-08
Texture Swatch-05
Texture Swatch-09
Texture Swatch-06
Texture Swatch-10
Texture Swatch-07



Simple, Sweet, Objektive


Objektiv is the preferred font to use if Adobe Fonts is available

Mulish is the substitute Google font to be used if Adobe Fonts IS NOT available.



Photography & Videography

How to carry our brand through photo and video.


Our Photography and use of images reflect the work we do and the people we create for. We aim to capture the stories of our members and the relationships we’ve built with them. We want to show the passionate drive and energy that characterizes the AVB family.

We use our own photos when possible, but if we don’t have appropriate images in our own libraries, we use i-stock images.


We use mockups of stationary, ads, merchandise, devices, and promotional materials to provide our members context around the work we do and to emphasize the digital nature of our services. Conserding the large age demographic of our users and how they are new to the field of digital marketing, this helps demystify our work and establish our credibility and reputation.


Whether we are shooting images of members or employees, we aim to represent our diverse community as inclusively as possible. There is no need to make them look like models, we want to capture them as authentically as we can.