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01 About

Our Mission

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Who, What, Why

Who We Are

We are an impassioned mix of digital strategies, content visionaries, inventive creatives and website geniuses. Driven by the stories and hard work of the independent retailers we partner with, we create custom digital marketing strategies to amplify their voices and profitability.

What We Believe

The growing digital landscape knows no bounds. Businesses no longer have to be confined by physical location, opening doors to new possibilities and exponential growth. Our members want to grow and connect with their customers, but don’t know how. They just need to be shown what is possible

Who We Serve

Our “members” are independent retailers in the home furnishings and kitchen appliance industries. However, when we refer to our “members” we don’t just mean clients. We mean family, hometown heroes, and retail warriors. They’re people who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves everyday to build a better future for their families and communities. It is our mission to share in their passion and ambition to become industry disruptors.

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Core Values

01 Trust

We must have trust to flourish. Trust in the company’s mission, in the vision that we are building for our members, and in each other. 

02 Innovation

We are never satisfied with the status quo. Every day comes with a new challenge and new opportunities. It’s a bold statement, but we know we must grow or die. 

03 Focus

Always start with a plan, and stick with it. Our team knows what it’s like to get thrown a curveball, but we always aim to smash it for a homerun. 

04 Execution

We know how important it is to get the job done. Not just talk about big ideas and possibilities for the future, but actually take it across the finish line.

05 Teamwork

Our people are the most important ingredient in our recipe for success. If we aren’t helping our own people grow and learn to work together, the rest doesn’t matter. 

Personality & Culture


Our character reflects how we act. It’s the lens that others see us through and the attitude they interact with. 

We are creative. We are professionals, but we are also humans that like to have a little fun from time to time. 

Words: Colorful, Bold, Fresh, Creative, Innovative, Digital Forward, Relatable, Brilliant


Work or play, we do it all together. 

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Core Design Principles




Our design style is always reflective of these three criteria, regardless of the deliverable. Our goal is to communicate our story and the voices of our members as accurately and clearly as we can so that our audiences know how to respond and engage with us. 


Logos & Usage

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Our logo is made up of the gears that represent AVB, inc, and illustrate the idea of all the different moving parts within our company that come together to make our members’ dreams a reality.  It has multiple forms depending on the use case. Refer to the guidelines below regarding the appropriate ways to use each form. 

Main Horizontal

Main Form of the Logo that should be used whenever possible.

Horizontal Logo Rules-13

Color – The logo must only be used in either black or white



Basically the whole box of crayons to get creative with.

Solids – Primary Palette

color swatches-01
AVBM – Black

Hex: #231f20

RGB: 35-31-32

CMYK: 0-0-0-100

Pantone: PMS Black C

color swatches-02
AVBM – Blue

Hex: #00adcc

RGB: 0-173-204

CMYK: 74-10-15-0

Pantone: PMS 638C

color swatches-03
AVBM – White 

Hex: #ffffff

RGB: 255-255-255

CMYK: 0-0-0-0

Pantone: PMS White

Solids – Secondary Palette

color swatches-04
AVBM – Dark Green

Hex: #004d52

RGB: 0-77-82

CMYK: 93-53-56-36

Pantone: PMS 316 C

color swatches-05
AVBM – Green

Hex: #6bbfa7

RGB: 107-191-167

CMYK: 58-3-42-0

Pantone: PMS 563 C

color swatches-06
AVBM – Dark Purple

Hex: #331c57

RGB: 51-28-87

CMYK: 92-100-33-30

Pantone: PMS 2695 C

color swatches-07
AVBM – Purple

Hex: #8529d6

RGB: 133-41-214

CMYK: 64-83-0-0

Pantone: PMS 266 C

color swatches-08
AVBM – Red

Hex: #dc2428

RGB: 220-36-40

CMYK: 9-99-100-0

Pantone: PMS 485 C

color swatches-orange
AVBM – Orange

Hex: #f25922

RGB: 242-89-34

CMYK: 0-92-100-0

Pantone: PMS 165 C

color swatch yellows-12
AVBM – Light Yellow

Hex: #ffcc59

RGB: 255-204-89

CMYK: 0-20-76-0

Pantone: PMS 121 C

color swatch yellows-11
AVBM – Yellow

Hex: #ffe627

RGB: 255-230-39

CMYK: 2-4=93-0

Pantone: PMS 107 C

color swatch yellows-10
AVBM – gold

Hex: #d9b343

RGB: 217-179-67

CMYK: 0-17-69-14

Pantone: PMS 7407 C


Gradient Swatches-01
Gradient Swatches-04
Gradient Swatches-02
Gradient Swatches-05
Gradient Swatches-03
Gradient Swatches-06


Texture Swatch-08
Texture Swatch-05
Texture Swatch-09
Texture Swatch-06
Texture Swatch-10
Texture Swatch-07



Simple, Sweet, Objektive


Objektiv is the preferred font to use if Adobe Fonts is available

Mulish is the substitute Google font to be used if Adobe Fonts IS NOT available.



Photography & Videography

How to carry our brand through photo and video.


Our Photography and use of images reflect the work we do and the people we create for. We aim to capture the stories of our members and the relationships we’ve built with them. We want to show the passionate drive and energy that characterizes the AVB family.

We use our own photos when possible, but if we don’t have appropriate images in our own libraries, we use i-stock images.


We use mockups of stationary, ads, merchandise, devices, and promotional materials to provide our members context around the work we do and to emphasize the digital nature of our services. Conserding the large age demographic of our users and how they are new to the field of digital marketing, this helps demystify our work and establish our credibility and reputation.


Whether we are shooting images of members or employees, we aim to represent our diverse community as inclusively as possible. There is no need to make them look like models, we want to capture them as authentically as we can.