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Granting AVB Facebook Access for the New Pages Experience

*If you are granting AVB Facebook Access because you need to run ads, this is not the right page. You need to grant Partner Access. Those instructions can be found here.

   This is for organic social posts. 

Facebook Access

This is what AVB requires to post organic content to your page.


How to Know You Have the "New Pages Experience"

You will know if you have the New Pages Experience based on a couple of factors. 

If you are sure you have the New Pages Experience, go straight to instructions.

If you have a “classic” page, instructions for granting AVB access can be found here.


Factor 1

When you navigate to your page, a window like this pops up. 

screenshot of facebook pop up for new pages experience

Factor 2

When you click the “review now” button above, your page has the following elements: 

  1. Instead of your personal profile photo, you will see your Page’s profile photo in the top right corner.
  2. The left nav menu will look like it does below.

screenshot of facebook new pages experience admin view


Facebook Business Suite

If you have a “classic” Facebook page (which will look like this), instructions for granting AVB access can be found here.


Facebook Access > Partial Access is what we require for posting organically to your page.


Facebook Access > Partial Access

In order for AVB to post on your behalf, you must grant a personal Facebook account admin access. For AVB, that account is under the name John White.  

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account at facebook.com

Step 2

Go to your Facebook Business Page. 

Step 3

Make sure you switch to interacting as your page. 

You should see the following option at the bottom of the left nav menu if you have not yet switched to interacting as your page. If this is not there, and all of the below menu items are selectable, then you are already interacting as your page.


screenshot of facebook business page

Step 4

Click “Manage.” You can find this button below your header image and next to the blue “Promote” button.

screenshot of facebook page highlighting the manage button

Step 5

In the left navigation menu, click “Page Access.”

faecbook screenshot highlighting the page access menu item

Step 6

Next to the item, “People with Facebook access,” click the link that says “Add New.”

facebook screenshot highlighting the add new selection

Step 7

Type in “John avb White” and look for this profile image.

screenshot of admin search results

Step 7

Leave the toggle for full control off, then click the blue button that says “Give Access.”

facebook screenshot of give access button

Step 8

It will prompt you to re-enter your Facebook password for security purposes. Enter your password and click the blue “Confirm” button. 

screenshot of facebook password confirmation

Step 9

Please let your Account Executive know this is completed. Your job is done!

Step 10 (optional)

IG icon

If you would also like AVB to post organic social content to your Instagram account, instructions for granting us access are here.