avbm facebook access

How to Give AVBM Access to Your Facebook Account

In order for AVBM to publish posts on your behalf and/or run ads for you, we need partner and/or admin access. Help us take your social media to the next level by following the steps below.


Partner Access

Partner Access

AVBM should have sent a request for partner access to your Facebook business page. Please confirm this has happened before proceeding. 

Step 1a

Log into your business manager at business.facebook.com. It should look like the screenshot below.

If you do not have a Facebook business account, skip to step 1b.


FB Biz Man Landing Page


Facebook Business Suite

Please Note: If you go to business.facebook.com and it looks like this, you are in Business Suite, not Business Manager, and you need to convert back to Business Manager (this is reversible). Those instructions can be found here. YOU MUST BE THE PAGE OWNER TO APPROVE THE REQUEST.

Step 2a

Go to Business Settings from your left sidebar. Then, click Requests.

Business Settings
Business Manager Requests

Step 3a

Click on the Received tab. You should see that AVBM has requested access to your Page here.

If you see a number badge on the requests tab, but nothing in the Received tab, then you are not the page owner and cannot approve this request. Please tell the page owner (the person who created the page) to log in and approve the request.

Step 4a

Click Approve.

Received Tab

Step 5a

To confirm it worked, go to Users, then Partners and you should see AVBM listed there. You are now done with Part 1. Please skip to Part 2: Admin Access.

Partner Request Confirmation

If you are the page owner (the person who created the page), you can grant partner access from your business page. If you are not the page owner, please notify the page owner they will need to log in to their account to approve the access. 

Step 1b

Log into your Facebook account at facebook.com.

Step 2b

Go to your business page.

Step 3b

On the left side menu, scroll down and click Settings, then Page Roles.

settings and page roles

Step 4b

Look for Pending Partner Requests and you’ll see a request from AVBM. 

pending partner request inside your business page

Step 5b

Click Respond to Request and follow the prompts (you will need to re-input your password).

Step 6b

You are now done with Part 1. Proceed to Part 2: Admin Access.


Admin Access

Admin Access

In order for AVBM to post on your behalf, you must grant a personal Facebook account admin access. For AVBM, that account is under John White.  

Step 1

Log into your Facebook account at facebook.com

Step 2

Go to your Facebook Business Page. 

Step 3

On the left, click Settings, then Page Roles. 

settings and page roles

Step 4

Under Assign a New Page Role, change the dropdown menu to say Admin.

assigning an admin role

Step 5

Type in “john white avb” and look for the account with the following image:

adding john white screenshot

Step 6

After clicking the image, click the blue Add button to the right of the name.

Step 7

It should now say “Request Pending.” Please let your account executive know you have completed this step so we can accept the request to be an admin of your page.