King Vs. California King – Which is Right for You?

Nobody wants to be a pauper or the princess with a pea – everybody wants to find that perfect mattress that is just the right size. Actually finding that best mattress, however, can be a bit tricky.

To make the shopping experience even more delicate, mattress lingo can sometimes be as confusing as that second language you need to memorize in order to order coffee drinks at national chains. “What does the size actually mean?” “Do I want a vente or a California King?” “What am I even doing here? I don’t even like coffee?” Exactly. You have come to our store for a mattress, and we are here to make the mattress shopping experience as pleasurable as possible!

Also, unlike drink ordering, you aren’t buying mattresses every week, so it can be even harder to remember the correct name or size needed. Let’s take a look at one common question, and once and for all settle exactly what it means if you are looking for a “King” or a “California King” mattress.  

I Just Can’t Wait to Be King

For most people, a King size mattress is going to be what you are looking for. Especially if you are living with someone, a king mattress is going to give you both the space you need to sleep soundly every night after a long day’s work.

In general, a king mattress is going to be 76” x 79.5”. That’s plenty of space for you and your partner – and any kids that may need to cuddle up to make it through the night without nightmares, as well.

For You Are the King

Now, just as you are able to get a handle on what a king mattress is, let’s throw a little wrench in the works – there’s also another size that’s called a California king. It is not the same size as a normal king! Yes, yes we know that this is confusing because they both have the word king in them, but don’t shoot the messenger, we didn’t come up with the name.

It gets even more confusing, though: California King mattresses aren’t that much different from king mattresses. Where a King mattress is 76” x 79.5”, a California king mattress is 72” x 83.5”.

Here’s an easy way to remember it –while California may be long, it is a skinny state. So it’s a bit skinnier than your regular King mattress, but has just a little more length to it.

Kingly Precautions

Of course, the most important thing that you need to do is measure. Measure twice, and cut once. Except in this instance, you aren’t going to be cutting anything but the saying still works – measure your bed frame twice before buying a mattress. You don’t want to “do it by eye” or “just wing it” or “good by memory” – you may think that you can, but given how close the two sizes are, we would hate for you to get home with the wrong size mattress. Always make sure to measure, and you’ll walk away a much, much happier camper. And sleeper.

With this new knowledge we’ve imparted on you, you are now prepared to start your mattress shopping journey. But you don’t have to finish this kingly quest on your own – we’re always here to help you find the mattress of your dreams! Stop by today and we’ll make sure you leave satisfied with a new bed!